Thursday, May 13, 2010

Magazine covers...

I have three new projects that I've been working on. Two are magazine covers, and the last is my "Wedding Guide" for perspective brides. If you're looking to get married soon, contact me for your copy.

I've sold lots of "facade Kits"... DJs around the country. I got hammered with shipping to Canada last week. WOW, UPS charged over $150 to ship one of my kits to Ontario. Here's my video of the Kit process, and a short video of what it looks like.

Next blog will be about my new catalog and magazine covers... too much going on, but it's fun!!!

Been a busy week here while it's raining and COLD!

I've had some projects I've been working on over the last month, and I'm finished with a few of them... busy boy!!!

I finished my book and have sold some copies. Here's the cover: